Top Gear Is Back For Series 28, Starting With A Special From Nepal

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Even with the old team over at Amazon, Top Gear returns once again for a new season tonight (in the UK, at least). The 28th season will feature more than just specials, and frankly, I think we wave a lot to look forward to.


This past summer marked the first season to Top Gear to lose Matt LeBalanc and Rory Reid as hosts. We were worried about what we would get, but overall the results were pretty impressive. It seems like audiences and the BBC agreed with us, because the new format was renewed for another season which starts tonight.

The trio manning (get it, because they’re all men?) the show continues to consist the familiar Chris Harris along with comedian Paddy McGuinness and cricket player Freddie Flintoff. The stig is back again too, in case you were worried. The atmosphere seems to be the same as well. If the trailer is anything to go off of, the crew has plenty of testicle jokes, blurted outbursts, and shenanigans to fill a full set of episodes.

Along with the banter, it seems like the BBC has lined up plenty of good car content for us as well. The big M8 makes an appearance as does Ariel Atom and what looked like a Gibbs Aquada looks to be involved as well. There are also cheap car challenges like the one that opens the series in Nepal coming our way. In terms of EVs, the Porsche Taycan gets some screentime alongside the Volkswagen ID.R hill-climb car too.

All of that is very exciting, but I’m personally most looking forward to seeing the McLaren Speedtail in the hands of Harris. It seems that a drag race between the new Mac and a Royal Air Force F-35 is coming our way and that’s the kind of stunt that brings me back to the golden age of the series.

The show seems to be sticking to its roots, demonstrating that Top Gear, at its core, is a car show above all else. I hope others will appreciate that like I do, especially as The Grand Tour makes a sort of transition into a travel show with occasional car segments. The old crew has disappointingly turned a corner towards a new format that puts cars second to banter (watch their boat special from a few weeks back if you want to see what I mean). These guys, even if most of them don’t come from a motoring background, have at least remembered to keep the cars front and center and I’m excited to see how it all turns out.

Top Gear is back tonight with a Christmas Special at 21:00 GMT on BBC2. The rest of the season will air beginning in late January 2020. Airtimes and dates for the United States aren’t yet known but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we get word.

Max Finkel is a Weekend Contributor at Jalopnik.



I’m hesitant to make this about Grand Tour when I’m looking forward to Top Gear again but...

Oh relax. First of all, it was one special. Second, it’s not even remotely the first time they did something without cars.

Most importantly, the fucking about whilst adventuring has always been the one thing they’ve been consistently good at. Even in their specials with cars the cars always took a back seat to the locale and their shenanigans. I mean don’t even try to tell me for a second that Columbia or Mongolia were really about cars. The best of that trio, whether you look at it as a top gear thing or just the three of them as hosts, has always been when they’ve been up to shenanigans.

I for one am glad that Top Gear and Grand Tour are diverging enough that hopefully we can get two solid sources of entertainment that share some threads but are different enough to both be enjoyed.