From Ireland to Australia, Fay Taylour Proved Women Didn't Need Handicap Starts to Dominate a Race

In the winter of 1928, Fay Taylour boarded a ship that would take her across the tumultuous ocean, from England all the way to Australia. Taylour brought only her most prized possessions: a suitcase packed with her riding leathers and her two motorcycles, a Douglas and a backup Rudge. She was doing what no one—man…

Harley-Davidson Aims to Save Its Bacon With These New Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson is in a uniquely desperate situation. It’s struggling to attract new riders, especially younger ones, its financials haven’t been great, and it’s in an ugly tariff war with America’s own president. The Motor Company isn’t giving up just yet though, and today announced a plan to get new blood buying.