This Guy Built A Skyline-Powered Ford Falcon Out Of Spares And Garbage

The Nissan RB straight-six is one of the most desirable engines of all time, and America’s Gran Turismo generation fights to get parts for these forbidden fruit motors. That’s what makes Dillon Merkl’s Skyline-powered 1962 Ford Falcon so funny, since he basically it built out of spares and parts other people were

Man Buys Flood-Damaged Car At Auction And Incredibly Finds That It Was His Uncle's Old Race Car

When Alvin Pharis was a kid in the 1960s, he had an uncle named Clifford who used to race cars. Clifford was a drag racer, starting in the 6 cylinder stock class, and later moving up to super stock. One of those stock cars was a 1965 Ford Falcon, which was sold decades ago. Clifford hasn’t seen that Falcon since he