You Can Buy The Bandit Trans Am Owned By Burt Reynolds 

So Honda wants you to get all nostalgic and buy a lame-ass CR-V, but you know better. You want something iconic, with a V8, and a gold screaming chicken on the hood. You want something that will go with your awesome mustache. You want the 1977 Trans Am "Bandit" that was owned by Mr. Burt Reynolds himself. » 12/02/14 3:18pm 12/02/14 3:18pm

Remembering Hal Needham and the Birth of Redneck Cinema

The iconic director Hal Needham has died at the age of 82 from cancer. In 1977 the former stuntman and his pals Burt Reynolds, Sally Field and Jackie Gleason invented a new genre of movie. Smokey and the Bandit may not seem earth-shattering now, but it changed Hollywood forever. To remember Hal, we're reprinting our… » 10/26/13 12:33pm 10/26/13 12:33pm

Top Ten Best Movie Police Car Chases, With A Twist

Police car chases are as much a part of American cinema as the sappy love story and the life-like animated robot movie. With so many directors having tackled the police chase it has become a bountiful field from which to pluck perfectly formed flowers of destruction and tire smoke. As we continue our Jalopnik… » 7/02/08 12:30pm 7/02/08 12:30pm

Muscle Car Wars Of 1978: Hood Decals Strike Back

It's a Friday, and it's the week before our most patriotic of U.S. holidays. What better time to take a look back at the best of American muscle machinery? Aha, but there's a catch: We're only going to go back 30 years. That's right, 1978. The Malaise era was striking back with a new breed of muscle cars. While not as… » 6/27/08 12:00pm 6/27/08 12:00pm

DIY Network to Air Burt Reynolds Bandit-Building Show

The DIY Network's airing a five show segment of its Celebrity Rides program devoted to big Burt and his new Bandit. The Burt in question is of the Reynolds variety, and the Bandit is the YearOne TransAm restomod project. That is, the Burt Reynolds Edition TransAm, which YearOne creates from the bones of rescued… » 9/25/07 10:00am 9/25/07 10:00am

Texarkana to Atlanta With a Gaggle of Trans Ams

Let me have a diablo sandwich, a Dr. Pepper, and make it fast, I'm in a god-damn hurry!

» 5/17/07 5:30pm 5/17/07 5:30pm

The Bandit Run is winding it's way from Texarkana, where according to Jerry Reed, there is beer, to Atlanta, where they're thirsty. Consisting of a passel of GM F-Bodies, and more importantly, black and gold…

They're Gonna Do What They Say Can't Be Done: YearOne to Build Bandit…

Resto shop YearOne and Burt Reynolds have formed a holy alliance to revive a classic of such massive pop-cultural significance, no amount of throwaway hyperbole can do it Buford T. justice. They're planning to build a limited run of Bandit Trans Am models. As Autoblog reports, the cars will be created from original… » 4/19/07 5:03pm 4/19/07 5:03pm

Hot Rod's Final Four Best Car Movie Candidates

Polls are open until the first of the year in Hot Rod's "Top Car Movie Ever" contest and while the contenders aren't exactly surprising in the earlier categories, it's rather shocking that the Gone in 60 Seconds remake beat out Ronin for the late-period nomination. We suppose Hot Rod's readership don't cotton much to… » 12/26/06 5:30pm 12/26/06 5:30pm

Eastbound and Sideways: Ken Block's Playground

As far as we know, Ken Block doesn't own an R5 Turbo 2. But he should. Regardless of that faux pas, the man does own a plot of land in Utah reserved for his own hoonage. And frankly, if there's a number-one reason for being a successful businessman, this is definitely a contender for the top spot. Plus, Jerry Reed. » 12/11/06 8:00am 12/11/06 8:00am

'Well, They Said It Couldn't be Done!' 'That's the Reason, Son!'

Alfred Hitchcock once called this film his favorite guilty pleasure. "East/Westbound And Down" is one of the best country & western tracks ever recorded. Plus, it features Sally Field when she was still totally hot. Is it any wonder we've wanted a '77 Trans Am ever since we were very small? If you don't like Smokey… » 7/07/06 11:30pm 7/07/06 11:30pm