All day, we've been trying to ignore Honda's "hacked" Twitter account starring Skeletor — a villain from a cartoon that hasn't been on TV since you could buy a Renault Alliance brand new in America — because it's a painfully obvious ad and the tweets aren't funny. But people forced our hands because they somehow think the tweets are real.

Earlier today, the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe bad guy "hacked" Honda's Twitter account and began firing off genius dispatches like these:

This is what passes for humor when everything has to be vetted by legal and human resources.


Because I watched football yesterday, I know Honda is using Skeletor to advertise its Happy Honda Days winter sale, which is something of an improvement over those Michael Bolton ads from last year that everyone got sick of right before Thanksgiving but ran until late March or something.

For some reason though, people — like, a lot of people — couldn't see through the cornball jokes and though that Honda really actually got hacked, like, for real you guys:

So yeah, people honestly thought Honda got hacked. Extensively and thoroughly, with graphics and everything, for an entire day.


The "hack" even fooled websites like CarThrottle, who after being duped declared it "the best publicity stunt ever" and said Honda "wins at the Internet." Really, guys? The best publicity stunt... ever?

I mean, it's not funny. Like, at all. It's not clever or relevant, either. Also, it's pretty obvious that it isn't real. Look at how lame the jokes are! This shit isn't exactly Vaginaplane.

To recap: Honda was not hacked. It's actually hack comedy disguised as advertising and if you fell for it, you should feel bad.