Inside The Lamborghini Huracán GT3 Is The Nicest Place To Be

GoPro’s latest miracle of the NoseCam brings us a lap around Sebring thanks to a camera stuffed inside Change Racing driver Corey Lewis’ helmet. I have to admit: this looks like a genuinely nice place to sit. The cabin is neatly organized, and the audio is beyond fantastic. Sit back and enjoy a lap of Lambo bliss.


Crap Your Pants As This Camaro With No Brakes Narrowly Avoids Hitting A Truck

Sebring International Raceway’s Chateau Élan Hotel and Conference Center features sweeping views of the circuit itself, a lively bar right next to the action, and a parking lot to bust in to A-Team-style when you lose your brakes at the hairpin. We’re glad this Camaro driver knew where the track access road went.

Still Searching For Answers From Sebring? Q&A with IMSA's Scott Atherton

[No one who watched this year's Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring needs to be told that, although there were plenty of racing thrills in all classes, there were way too many spills, too, as well as operational blunders that tended to exaggerate the consequences of the many incidents and accidents. We greatly appreciate…