Ferrari Customers Reportedly Told To Add Options Or Lose Speciale Order

The current Ferrari 458 may be the last naturally aspirated mid-engined V8 car to come out of Maranello and there is already talk of collector status. Now those that ordered the ultra hot 458 Speciale are allegedly being told to pay more and add extra options or risk losing the order to someone else. »11/24/14 9:46am11/24/14 9:46am

Ferrari 458 Speciale And SRT Viper TA: The Wallpapers

The Viper TA and the 458 Speciale are both track-focused special editions based on already very fast cars, the SRT Viper and the Ferrari 458. And since you know everything about them already, instead of repeating ourselves, here's enough wallpapers for the next two month. Thank two Italians, Sergio Marchionne and Luca… »11/26/13 3:00pm11/26/13 3:00pm