Is The Ferrari 458 Speciale Worth Twice The Price Of A 911 GT3?

The 458 Speciale is an outrageously fast shouter and the last Montezemolo Ferrari. The current 911 GT3 is a performance bargain that turns magical above 8,000 rpm. Chris Harris on Cars is back, wondering how these two can be available to the public in the first place.

Chris ended up at Goodwood Road and Racing (and us) after leaving /Drive, and here's his first new video straight from the slightly wet Anglesey Circuit where him and stunt driver Mauro Calo threw the Speciale against the mighty GT3.


The good news is that this time, Ferrari didn't try to cheat. A small red van still turned up with the car, packing a few sets of extra Pirellis, but that was it. Always super confident Porsche, as usual, just gave them the key and called it a day.

Two very different cars, and bloody good ones too.

No worries, the RS is coming in 2015 to kick Ferrari in a speciale place.

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