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At Least This Ferrari 458 Speciale Was Destroyed On Track

Illustration for article titled At Least This Ferrari 458 Speciale Was Destroyed On Track

The Ferrari 458 Speciale is a tail-happy animal, and the first one in Chile just fell victim to that at the Codegua race track during an event last Thursday. Nooooooo!


The driver got out alive after hitting the wall just before the pit lane entrance, but the car looks like a goner for sure. This was the first Speciale in Chile, but the locals shouldn't fear as there are reportedly two more awaiting their shipment.


Save the Speciales? We certainly should.

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Drakkon- Most Glorious and Upright Person of Genius

*News flash*

The driver did not have permission from Modena to take the car on the track because the team of F1 techs had not setup & tuned the car for that track and weather conditions. Due to special secret clauses in the contract, Modena exercised its 'auto-self-destruct' feature to ensure the car did no embarrassing (ie slower than the McLaren) lap times .