Experience The Deep Shame That Comes With Damaging Someone Else's Ferrari

It’s one thing when an 18-wheeler passes by on the highway and kicks up a rock into your windshield. It’s another, however, when you take off behind the wheel of a friend’s Ferrari 458 Speciale and put a huge crack in the windshield. When it happened to this YouTube user, he “wanted to disappear from the universe.”


Odds are that most people on this planet don’t know what it’s like to injure a car of such importance (or price), but it’s thoroughly devastating to watch YouTube user Marco Marchettino’s reaction to cracking the windshield and damaging the hood. In thinking the hood of the car had been properly closed, he took off. It popped up about 10 seconds later, putting a large crack across the windshield.

The good thing is that he shared a video of the whole incident with the internet, perhaps helping us to keep from making the same mistake. Watch, and feel the shame just seep into the depths of your soul:

The car was from R3 Wheels, and Marchinetto said it was the first accident of his life. He had to call the owner and explain the situation, after which a line of cars pulls up and it looks as if things are about to go as far downhill as anything could possibly go. As he said, “I should stop filming right now, and I think I’ll be dead within two minutes or something.”

But, the guys with R3 Wheels responded with “Shit happens. It’s only a car.” The owner smiled, while Marchinetto said he felt like he had the worst day of his life. In the video, Marchinetto said insurance would cover the damage as well. Marchinetto almost didn’t share the video, but he and the group decided to make it public because “everyone makes mistakes.”

What a reaction. Don’t go break someone’s Ferrari expecting the same warm forgiveness, though. You may not get this lucky.

Staff writer, Jalopnik


Turbineguy: Nom de Zoom

Shit happens. It’s only a car.”

Exactly. That’s how it should be.