The "First Lady Of Firsts" Set Over 400 World Records In Stunt Planes, Race Cars, And Speed Boats

The first time Betty Skelton piloted an aircraft solo, it was the year 1938 and she was a mere 12 years old. Yeah, sure, it was technically illegal, but she’d been hopping in open seats of aircrafts in her spare time for as long as she could remember. She was probably more prepared to be a pilot at age 12 than most…

The Valkyrie Of The Motorcar Survived The Race Of Death, A Sunken Ship, And An Assassination Attempt

What do you do when your husband dies, leaving you a widow at age 27? Do you go racing, compete in motor boating, travel around the world, become a published author, and get involved in a scandal over a nude photograph? If you’re Camille du Gast, you’ll be doing all of those and still find time to go ballooning,…

Flick Haigh Becomes First Woman To Take Overall Win In One Of Britain's Top Sports-Car Series 

British driver Flick Haigh was the only woman in the field when she drove in the first race of the British GT Championship season on April 2, but she didn’t need to be picked out of a crowd of cars—she and her co-driver were out front pretty much the entire time, from winning the pole to finishing the race first.