How To Make A Toyota GT86 Race Car Fast, Reliable, And Not Need A Turbo

The Toyota GT86 Cup is a brilliant race car kit which makes the best street car I’ve driven in years even more enjoyable on track. One team tweaked their GT86 Cup even further for Nürburgring domination, and it held its own against much more powerful cars at the Nürburgring 24 Hours. Bonus: they didn’t even add a…

The Most Expensive Car On Autotrader Is An $8.7 Million Used Mazda 3 

There are a lot of mistakes in online car listings, typically “manual” vehicles that end up having a “PRNDL” by the shifter. But it gets far worse than that, like the fact that the most expensive car listed on Autotrader right now is a nearly $9 million Mazda 3. Yes, it’s a typo, but it’s a glorious typo.

What It Was Like Running The Charity Hurricane Toyota 86 Race Car With Two Pro Drivers

“But he’s like a six-time national karting champ!” said Robb Holland of our teammate Jordon Musser, whose lap times were a full twenty seconds under mine in the same car. “That’s no excuse!” I said. I’ll be honest: the other cars in our class were raining shame down on my times as much as the pros were, anyway.

Toyota Engineer Punts Your Dreams Of A Turbo 86 Into A Trash Compactor

For years, the aftermarket has been supplying turbocharger setups and engine swaps for the Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ/GT86, satisfying those who wanted more than the car’s stock 200-ish horsepower. It all seemed odd. Toyota could meet that demand, right? Well, the car’s chief designer claims that it can’t, and that it’d…

Toyota Is Completely Fucking Up The Advertising For The Toyota 86

If you think about it, Toyota has achieved something pretty remarkable here. They’ve taken all the elements you think you’d need for true gearhead appeal: a good looking sportscar that I know handles great, footage of it being driven, hard, on lovely, twisty roads and exciting-looking tracks; and yet, somehow, they’ve…