What's the Dumbest Thing You've Ever Done in Your Car?

We've all been young and dumb. Add in a set of wheels and a license to freedom – what's the worst that could happen?

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Photo: Andy Kalmowitz

Listen, we were all young once, and being young for the most part guarantees instances of being dumb. As we get older and earn that sweet license to drive, that dumb attitude doesn’t really lose its edge, which brings us to today’s question.

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We want to know the dumbest thing you’ve ever done in your car. Don’t lie and say you’ve never done a dumb thing. We know for a fact you have. This is Jalopnik, the site where people admit to doing dumb things in or to their car (or others’) daily.

As a little inspiration, the dumbest thing I’ve personally done in a car happened fairly recently. I stuck myself and three other full-grown adult men in a Subaru BRZ for the express purpose of going to Outback Steakhouse. I could barely switch gears, operate the pedals, or see through the windshield. My knees and neck were killing me at the end of the 10 mile journey, but dammit, it was worth it.


So, before you write your answer down below, let’s outline some ground rules. First, please include a make and model for the car you did the dumb thing in. Second, refrain from saying anything too incriminating. Let’s just take it easy, okay? And, finally, be descriptive! I want to hear a story! Spin me a tale, dear commenter.