Thank God The Spaceship Ferrari 512S Modulo Won't Spend the Rest of Its Life Rotting in a Museum

Of all the strange and bizarre concept cars to ever exist, the Ferrari 512S Modulo Concept is among the strangest and most bizarre. It looks like a car more suited for space exploration than traversing human roads, but now that it runs and is finally road legal, it can finally fulfill its destiny of baffling people…

Up Close With China’s Beautiful, Strange and Almost Never Seen Presidential Cars

In the 1960s, China finally built a luxury car of its own, the Hongqi. But the car was meant for Chairman Mao and other official duties in local governments, and as such, few are ever seen outside of China, or up close at all. But two rolled into the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance this year, the first Chinese cars…

A Pair of Exquisite Hong Qi Limousines Will Be the First Chinese Cars Ever To Be Featured at Pebble Beach

The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance isn’t really an institution known for taking a lot of risks or doing unexpected things, but this year they will be doing at least one new thing by showcasing, for the first time, cars built in mainland China. The cars are a pair of Hong Qi limousines, and they are pretty remarkable.