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Pebble Beach isn’t until August, which means we’ll still have to wait a bit, but according to Car and Driver, Acura is cooking up a new sedan for us, to be revealed then. Remember the Precision concept? No? Well, it’s going to look something like that. Could it be ... a new Legend?

The Precision concept’s styling has already been seen in the 2019 RDX, but the new car, Car and Driver reports, will be a sedan not an SUV and possibly a new Legend. Should it be a new Legend? It should. It will also be SPORTY Acura says, which is apparently a requirement for new sedans these days, as we’ve seen with the Kia Stinger and Genesis G70.

Acura will reveal a production-ready concept at Pebble Beach that will strongly echo the Precision concept as a tribute to the best of Acura’s past, Car and Driver has learned. Staring into the Precision’s deep pool of red paint, we must wonder—as Acura is but a 34-year-old car company mostly constrained to our market—might one of its legendary nameplates return as the Legend reincarnate? It’s not a ludicrous idea, although we won’t hold our breath over the exact name.


But... that’s not all! Car and Driver said we could also be getting a new ZDX, as a crossover “coupe.”

The crossover craze hasn’t escaped Acura designers, and to that end, a next-gen ZDX could make a return to the SUV coupe segment it helped define, albeit a few years too early, when it launched in 2009. Executives are looking at mockups and, as far as we can tell, liking what they see. With BMW and Mercedes-Benz in 4x4 coupe mode—and Infiniti and Lexus largely silent in this arena—the stage could reopen for a new ZDX since Acura discontinued it in 2013.

There will also be a new TLX and new MDX, but the most interesting thing here is the new sedan, in the year of our lord 2019, when American automakers are running as fast as they can from that market. This could all be a huge miscalculation on the part of Kia, Acura, and Genesis, but it could also be smart, as they’ve realized that if you’re going to make a car that sits low to the ground, it’d better at least be fun.

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