The Bizarre Ferrari 512S Modulo Concept Finally Went on Its First Drive on Public Roads

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The ‘70s were a neat time for cars. Everything was shaped like a door-stopper. Like the Maserati Khamsin. The BMW M1. The Lamborghini Countach. And the Ferrari 512S Modulo concept, which, excitingly, had its first drive ever on public roads today.


The 512S Modulo was introduced as a concept car back in 1970 by Pininfarina. It was a mid-engined, two-seater that used a V12 engine from a Ferrari race car. Only one was ever made and it could sort of run; it apparently could move backwards and forwards and steer.


In 2014, Ferrari megafan and owner of Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus Jim Glickenhaus managed to persuade Pininfarina to sell the Modulo concept to him and planned to get the car running. A video uploaded back in June shows the car indeed driving, but it didn’t look finished.

Today, Glickenhaus uploaded a video to Twitter showing the car running and driving down an American street, a sight I never thought I would see.

Compared to the other cars on the street, the Modulo looks positively petite. It could probably scoot right under an 18-wheeler and come out unscathed, Fast and Furious-style, on the other side. Not that anyone would want to try that with a priceless piece of history.


I’m watching this video over and over again. The thing looks like a space ship. It’s awesome.

Correction Aug. 15, 11:47 a.m.: The concept could steer, unlike previously noted in this post. Owner Jim Glickenhaus jumped into the comments to clarify, “The car always was a complete rolling chassis and it steered fine.”


The post has been corrected to reflect that.

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James Glickenhaus


Hope you are all well. The steering issue was always myth. Never an issue. The car always was a complete rolling chassis and it steered fine. this one began as a spare 512S Chassis 27 and was then turned into a 612 Can Am chassis 0864. When Enzo was done with her he gave her to Pininfarina to turn into a show car. Frugal guy that he was he kept her internal engine and gearbox parts. She never, before me, ran under her own power as Modulo. The video of her running is her rolling down hill. To me she is The Mona Lisa. I believe she will grace Art museums long after any of us are around. Frankly I’m amazed PF sold her to me. Many purists are horrified that I made her run but as you probably have come to realise I really don’t give a fuck about what others think about what I do. She is amazing to drive. Her 512S race motor (we put her back to 512 from 612) is fantastic. It runs cool and make huge torque making her easy on the road. Her non power assisted steering is tough at low speeds but as speed increases very nice. Her original brakes aren’t the same as SCG 003's brakes but on the road they suffice. Her forced cockpit ventilation works well. We have to boost her alternator for road use and sort a few minor things but she is very, very special. She will be on the lawn in the Ferrari section next week at Pebble. If you are there stop by and say hello. Best Jim