Get An Indy 500 Winner & An Ex-F1 Driver Together And They Talk About:…

The RACER Channel's Marshall Pruett asks defending IndyCar Series champion Scott Dixon, Simon Pagenaud, Ryan Briscoe, Sebastien Bourdais and Charlie Kimball to name the driver they'll have to beat in order to win the title in 2014. The conversation goes south when it's former McLaren F1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya's turn … » 2/18/14 3:20pm 2/18/14 3:20pm

Xenophobic Atlanta TV Station Says Foreigners Are Bad For The Indy 500

Sunday's Indy 500 was one for the record books in nearly every quantifiable way. It also had a popular winner in Brazilian Tony Kanaan. But one Atlanta TV station says IndyCar will never top NASCAR because "Americans prefer American racers." Oh, and they say the finish was a farce. » 5/28/13 11:15am 5/28/13 11:15am

Danica Patrick preps for NASCAR by spreading fear of foreigners

Darn them Brazilians, always crashing into things with their reckless driving! And those pesky Japanese, what with their radioactive food. Don't blame Danica Patrick for fearing the world, blame the world for being so scary. » 9/20/11 3:00pm 9/20/11 3:00pm

Watch Tony Kanaan's Indy Car fly over Helio Castroneves, Dukes of…

Helio Castroneves was braking hard into a turn during practice for this weekend's debut of the Baltimore Grand Prix when, out of nowhere, Tony Kanaan went flying over Helio's car and into he wall. Kanaan would later blame a stuck throttle, but after shotgunning five seasons of The Wire in one week we're suspicious. » 9/06/11 8:45am 9/06/11 8:45am

Detroit's 2008 Belle Isle Grand Prix: IRL Race Result Tainted By…

Last weekend saw the second iteration of the reborn Belle Isle Grand Prix and we were right there, enjoying the spectacle played out in weather so perfect Roger Penske couldn't have paid for better. Aside from a couple spin outs, Sunday's Indy Racing League run was largely unremarkable until lap 72, when things got… » 9/02/08 7:00pm 9/02/08 7:00pm

Wife Busts Tony Kanaan's Balls After Qualifying Behind Danica Patrick

She's everywhere these days - Danica Patrick is the Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova of open wheel racing and everyone wants a piece of the moment. Well, maybe except teammate Tony Kanaan and his wife. A quick item at Automobile relays a phone call from Kanaan's pregnant wife after he qualified third and behind… » 4/28/08 4:40pm 4/28/08 4:40pm

Tony Kanaan, Danica Patrick Go First, Second In Crash-Filled Finish To …

Tony Kanaan wins the IndyCar race here at the Detroit Grand Prix, and Danica Patrick took second place in her best ever finish after a shocking last lap and a half. Just before the white flag came up a number of drivers were involved in some "contact" that included "the wall" and "other drivers." Oh and Dan Wheldon came in… » 9/02/07 6:14pm 9/02/07 6:14pm