North Korea Used Camo Paint to Pass Off Civilian Planes as Military

Having been burned when it used Photoshop to make its military seem more mighty, North Korea has apparently gone the analog route. That "military cargo plane" from a few weeks back? Nothing more than a short loan from Air Koryo and a cheap coat of camo. » 10/16/13 10:11am 10/16/13 10:11am

Survey Says British People Can't Stop Keying Cars

The worst thing in the world, on the list of inconveniences for a car owner, is when somebody scratches your car. It's worse than a flat tire or a dead battery. When you've got one of those, you can curse the fates that have struck you, and the hand that destiny has played you. But when someone scratches the very paint … » 4/20/13 3:00pm 4/20/13 3:00pm

BMW Owner Changes His 3-Series Color From Black To White... With Tape

This BMW owner decided he'd like his BMW 335i to be white rather than black, so he found a shop to wrap his bimmer in 3M shiny white tape. OK, so paint jobs aren't exactly dead yet, but it seems more and more people are choosing to wrap their metal rather than have it re-sprayed. We guess this way, if he feels like… » 8/06/08 2:00pm 8/06/08 2:00pm

What's The Worst Car Color Combination?

Not all of us considered the blue-and-yellow of Jerry Seinfeld's Porsche 911 to be quite so bad, though that put us in the minority. We're also totally smitten with the grey and red velour of the 1971 Fiat 130 Coupe, but that may not be a commonly held taste. The snakeskin green + black + red of the 2008 Viper SRT10 is … » 7/15/08 11:40am 7/15/08 11:40am

Paint Thickness Tester Can Bust Shady Craigslisters

We all know that Craiglist posters can be some of the most trustworthy individuals on this planet, but for those few occasions when you need to double check their honesty there is this great invention: the paint thickness tester. It's a keychain-sized device that can determine if a car has had any body work needing… » 4/22/08 10:00am 4/22/08 10:00am

Ford's Tests Out Eco-Friendly Paint on U-Haul Vans

Proving that saving the environment isn't all about mating electric motors to gas engines, Ford has been working on reforming the painting process to find ways to lessen our impact on our world. If you don't believe that painting trucks creates an environmental hazard, check out the paint shop at your local transit… » 12/27/07 5:00pm 12/27/07 5:00pm

The New Switcheroo: Electrical Chameleon Paint Changes Color

We've been hearing about this kind of thing since the mid-80s, but it appears an actual color-shift system could be in place by early next decade, reports World Car Fans. It's the next step from Nissan's self-healing paint, a paramagnetic paint system that can change color from a default of white to a range of shades.… » 11/08/07 1:15pm 11/08/07 1:15pm