Low-Mile Lectric Leopard Sells For Only $3750

How will you one-up the Joneses when they roll up all green and proud in their new plug-in Prius? You could do like eBay user armie253 did, scoring an electric Renault Le Car with only 221 miles on the clock for only $3750. Sure, it only goes 55 MPH and the range is on the limited side, but it's an electric Le Car! » 7/30/07 3:00pm 7/30/07 3:00pm

Hoon of the Day: Renault Turbo 2 Action

Despite a soundtrack of mushmouthed kiddie rock, this clip spotlights some of the finest Renault Turbo 2 rally hoonage imaginable. It's a six-miute run of slips, slides crunches and rolls, punctuated by a scene capturing the Luckiest Man in France(TM) in action. (You can't miss him). The clip comes by way of Winding… » 10/05/06 11:57am 10/05/06 11:57am