The Jalopnik Top 20 Classic Renault TV Commercials

Even though Renault never had a big presence here in North America, we can still admire the TV commercials for their cars. Spanning the spectrum from salacious to surreal, Renault ads rarely fail to entertain.

We've got nearly 50 years of Renault madness here, from North and South America, Africa, and- of course- Europe. And if you manage to slog through every last one… well, you know the drill by now; if this collection is just insufficient Classic Ad Watch action for you, continue with the Top Super Bowl Car Ads, then keep going with our Top 20 Vintage GM ads, Top 20 Vintage Chevrolet Ads, Top 20 Vintage Datsun ads, Top 20 Vintage Toyota ads, and Top 20 Vintage Chrysler ads. Need more? Go to the Top Car Commercials Of The 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.

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Renault Avantime


And Renault Vel Satis.


More mentalist cars which prefer fromage, wave the white flag all too easily and betray all the signs of primate origin.