A few months back, I spotted this '82 Renault Le Car in the "fixer-upper" section of an East Bay wrecking yard. "How much?" I asked. "800 bucks!" was the reply. Nobody bought the little Renault, and now it's Crusher bait.

It appears that much of the all-important hardware for the ragtop-style sunroof is still intact, so let's hope that a junkyard scavenger rescues these pieces for a Le Car that's still on the street.


Here's a little 80s history lesson for you young'uns: back during the era of Ollie North, Adnan Khashoggi, and the Contras, many Americans— particularly here in the San Francisco area— feared that Rappin' Ron Reagan would turn Managua 1985 into Saigon 1968. You used to see these stickers everywhere; the non-sun-faded color of this one indicates that this car languished in a garage for years before its owner finally gave up on his or her Hell Project.