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Renault 5, Rockin' Yer Face!

The Pete Best of subcompacts stands up and shouts without words in this oddball German clip. We can safely say that the Le Car has seen a million faces, but has it truly rocked them all? You make the call. Sorry about the muffly sound quality. Now let us see your lighters out there!


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AFAIK the Renault 5 Mk. 2 pictured here was never sold as "Le Car." US-bound R5 Mk. 1s got the Le Car sticker, at the port of entry I'm guessing (since I owned a car that had been personally imported by a visiting Frenchman and didn't get the sticker).

Canadians could get a label in the same font that read "La Cinq," so naturally I got one and put it on my car. Along with the "R5 Gordini" badge on the rear.

Those were the days!