El Camino + Le Car = Le Carmino

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We had a debate going on whether we should call this Le Car the Le Carmino or the El Carmino, seeing as Le and El carry the same meaning. No matter, this French fry is a dreamy vehicle no matter how you slice the name. For reasons that we have no explanation for, this particular Camino has been outfitted not only with a truck bed, but also with enough Ford, Mazda and assorted other logos to fill the bed of a, well, Le Car truck. The report from STORC on the madness below the jump.

On Saturday morning, I had a rare and exciting encounter. I was walking to my favorite taco stand to get a burrito to soak up the beer in my belly from the night before. Then, up in the distance coming towards me, could it be? Cool! It's a Le Car, that alone is nothing to special, but what is it covered in!? Well it's covered in the badges of hundreds of other cars of course!

And if that weren't enough, as it pulled up along side me, I realized this was no ordinary Le Car covered in random badges, it was a RAGTOP, LE CARMINO!!!!! My jaw dropped, the proud owner saw the huge smile on my face and waved, I asked if I could snap a picture, and I think I made his day just like he just made mine.

I thought to myself, the good people of Jalopnik must know of this, they
must see that there is still good in this world.


God Bless America!

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Raphael Orlove

Yes, but where does the balls out crazy turbo motor go? if it's in the bed, are cases of beer used as a cooling system?