For all the lengthy description this car's seller provides in the listing, the glaring omissions are a bit worrying. First of all, what year is the car? We hear a lot of talk about "27 years", which would be meaningful if we knew the car had been purchased new by the seller. Then there's the matter of the "Alpine Racing Engine" and all the references to "turbo parts" (including "turbo seats")- does this car have a turbocharged Renault 5 Alpine engine, or does it not? There does seem to be a turbo-ish-looking exhaust manifold in the engine-compartment photo, but given that the seller claims to have "pile of receipts nearly as big as a Walt Whitman novel" you figure a little more info might not have been too hard to dredge up. In any case, this is quite a Le Car! [Craigslist Monterey]