Heartbreak: Index of Effluency-Dominating Le Car Gets Upside Down

We spent the day watching the Crewe Le Pew Renault Le Car buzzing around the track. No black flags, no mechanical problems. Sure, it was incredibly slow, but it had the look of a survivor. Then: disaster!


Opinions differ about what caused the wreck- some say the Le Car was hit, while other say it "just up and flipped"- but the end result was one destroyed Renault with much of its skunk fur scraped off by Texas gravel. Having witnessed the Le Car getting waaaay up on two wheels in a turn, an hour or so before the flip, I'm not sure what to think. In any case, the official Why Am I Upside Down rule applies here: You're upside-down because you have no business being out on a racetrack. Any driver who puts a car on its roof is out for the rest of the season, beginning immediately. Any car that rolls during a race will be removed from the race.

You know what that means, of course: Index Of Effluency hopes remain alive for the Substandard Racing '73 AMC Gremlin, which spent most of the day sidelined with various brake ailments. If the Gremlin can get back on the track tomorrow morning and stay there all day, it might just beat out the air-cooled VWs for the coveted IOE!

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