Former F1 World Champion Sir Jack Brabham Dead At Age 88

Three-time Formula One World Champion Sir Jack Brabham has died, according to Australian media reports. He remains the only person ever to win an F1 championship in his own car. Brabham was 88. » 5/18/14 7:10pm 5/18/14 7:10pm

Happy Birthday To Formula 1 Legend Sir Jack Brabham

Triple world champion Sir Jack Brabham stands out as the only F1 driver to win a world title in his own car. And at 88 as of today, he's the oldest surviving F1 champ as well. Here's a happy birthday to him. » 4/02/14 6:10pm 4/02/14 6:10pm

It’s raining on the Nordschleife

This is a photo which will never be taken again. Not only does it show two Formula One drivers holding their own umbrellas instead of being protected from the elements by a massive entourage, but the guy on the left would go on to become a three-time world champion while the guy on the right was but a silly Dutch lord… » 11/08/11 2:00pm 11/08/11 2:00pm

Senna, Fangio and Brabham: Three Drivers, Eleven World Titles

This photograph was taken at the 1990 Australian Grand Prix, which was the 500th Formula One race held. Ayrton Senna is all grins after taking the world title at the previous race at Suzuka. » 7/31/09 8:30am 7/31/09 8:30am

Panoz Batmobile: Proof Front-Engined Race Cars Don't Suck

Front-engined cars have been absent from the highest echelons of racing since the early 1960s. But in 1997, Don Panoz took a car to Le Mans ready to rattle the mid-engined establishment. It was called the Batmobile. » 6/16/09 11:00am 6/16/09 11:00am

Sir Jack Stole the Clutch! Brabham-Daf Formula 3 Car!

Who knew that DAF campaigned a Formula 3 car back in the 1960s? The first car was an Alexis chassis, a Cosworth mill and of course, the Variomatic transmission. It was mildly successful, managing a 7th-place finish at Monaco in '65. At that point Brabham entered the picture and Brit Mike Beckwith managed two wins in… » 3/16/07 11:45pm 3/16/07 11:45pm