Nice Price Or Crack Pipe: World's Nicest 1981 Chevette For $8,995?

The overwhelming majority of voters thought that the Callaway '83 Porsche 944 was reasonably priced at $45,000; not bad for a Late Malaise Era machine. Today we're going to ponder a car from the same era, and it may be even more rare than the Callaway 944: a really straight, all-original Chevy Chevette! » 12/11/08 7:30am 12/11/08 7:30am

Turbo Ecotec Power Might Wake Up This Chevette

Dropping a turbocharged Ecotec out of a Solstice GXP into a Chevette sounds like a very, very good idea to us. 260 horses is nearly four times the little red Chevette's original power, so such a combo should be a total suicide machine pretty zippy performer. Well, looks like our Question of the Day has been answered! … » 2/11/08 4:00pm 2/11/08 4:00pm

Leata Cabalero: Most Beautiful Car Ever Built In Post Falls, Idaho

Sure, Junkman has some nice cars in his collection. There's the Honda Coupe 9, the Pontiac-powered Deutsch-Bonnet, and the insane Porsche 356. But something was missing... until Junkman obtained this Chevette-based 1977 Leata Cabalero. Make the jump to hear what he has to say about this beauty!

» 2/01/08 1:30pm 2/01/08 1:30pm

The Most Badical Chevette Ever? Vauxhall HSR

Yes, we know that that GM produced a Chevette-based pickup in South America, thus giving the world a factory Chevettamino. But the coolest T-platform compact that GM ever sold is likely the Vauxhall Chevette HSR. Featuring a 2.3L slant four with a DOHC 16v head, the HS and the later HSR were homologation variants for… » 3/06/07 8:45pm 3/06/07 8:45pm

Classic Ad Watch, 80s Edition: Che-che-che-cheVETTE!

OK, this could be early 90s, since the Kadett/Chevette continued to be sold around the world after the Sprint/Spectrum replaced it in the United States. But look at these Chevettes, climbing 85% grades, triggering sprays of garish 80s hues and bad Spanish rap, and literally tearing the clothes off attractive women!… » 2/19/07 10:35am 2/19/07 10:35am

The Chitwoods: Father, Sons and a Jet-Powered Pickup

Our buddy Matt offers some updates and corrections on a post we did a week or so ago on legendary automotive daredevil, Joie Chitwood, who died in 1988. It seems we credited Joie senior with some deeds of his equally talented (and adrenalin-mastering) brood. For one, the record for driving on two wheels (5.6 miles in… » 8/08/05 6:13pm 8/08/05 6:13pm