Someone Crammed 427 Cubic Inches Of Fury Into This Stealthy Chevette

Based on your reactions to last week's car, you all love some compact sleepers. The Chevrolet Chevette is sort of a forgotten classic; it's not quite iconic like the Corvette or the Camaro, it was just a compact car to get folks around. Which makes it the perfect candidate for the sleeper treatment. »10/05/14 12:05pm10/05/14 12:05pm


Nice Price Or Crack Pipe: World's Nicest 1981 Chevette For $8,995?

The overwhelming majority of voters thought that the Callaway '83 Porsche 944 was reasonably priced at $45,000; not bad for a Late Malaise Era machine. Today we're going to ponder a car from the same era, and it may be even more rare than the Callaway 944: a really straight, all-original Chevy Chevette! »12/11/08 7:30am12/11/08 7:30am

Christchurch Chevette Gears Up To Conquer Antarctica

This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition »11/17/08 4:30pm11/17/08 4:30pm, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the . We Americans often forget that The General's Chevette was sold all over the world (as an Opel Kadett, Isuzu Gemini, or Pontiac Acadian), and the version built in New Zealand was badged as a .…

It's 1979. You Want The Chevette With Air Or The Zephyr Wagon?

Here's a two-for-one Classic Ad Watch deal from the darkest days of the Malaise Era »10/29/08 3:40pm10/29/08 3:40pm. First up, a Gladding Chevrolet (Maryland) offer for a Chevette with for just 99 bucks a month. Before you jump in the time machine to take advantage of that sweet deal, however, consider the '79 Mercury Zephyr, which was cheaper than…

Nine Generations Of Vauxhall Small Cars: From Viva To Chevette To Astra

Along with teaser shots of the new Astra »9/08/08 6:00pm9/08/08 6:00pm for Vauxhall and Opel came this shot displaying the first nine generations of the car — assuming you include the Vauxhall Viva and Chevette. It's an interesting walk down memory lane for a company that's manufactured an average of 100,000 cars a year in this sector since 1963. …

Classic Ad Watch, 80s Edition: Che-che-che-cheVETTE!

OK, this could be early 90s, since the Kadett/Chevette continued to be sold around the world after the Sprint/Spectrum replaced it in the United States. But look at these Chevettes, climbing 85% grades, triggering sprays of garish 80s hues and bad Spanish rap, and literally tearing the clothes off attractive women!… »2/19/07 10:35am2/19/07 10:35am