The BMW M4 Dinan: A Fast And Furious Tuner You Don't Need Ludacris To Work On

The BMW M4 is a perfectly lovely machine. In stock form, its 3.0-liter, six-cylinder, twin-turboed engine makes 425 horsepower and 406 foot-pounds of torque. With a base MSRP of $62,400, that’s a ton of speed wrapped in a beautiful package – far more car than the price tag would suggest. »9/17/15 3:08pm9/17/15 3:08pm

The BMW M4 GTS Concept Is Your Bavarian Water-Injected Track Star

The BMW M4 is certainly capable on the track. It certainly performs at the track. But it’s not entirely built specifically for the track. The BMW Concept M4 GTS, as BMW calls it, or the BMW M4 GTS Concept, as those who prefer a more grammatically correct nomenclature refer to it, is supposed to be that no-speed-limit… »8/14/15 11:45am8/14/15 11:45am