Dumpling House In Japan Cooked Up 500 Hot Meals For Drivers Stuck In Massive Snowstorm

A snowstorm shut down not only Highway 8 running through Sakai City in Osaka, but also the nearby dumpling shop Gyoza No Osho. Not wanting to let the restaurant’s food go to waste, employees banded together to cook up some 500 meals for the drivers stuck in the miles-long traffic jam cutting through the neighborhood.

Here's The Confusing Difference Between Braking In 2WD And 4WD Modes

Normally, we think of four-wheel drive as something that helps you move, not stop. When you’re trying to make the car stop, whether or not you’re in 2WD or 4WD shouldn’t really matter much, right? I mean, that’s what I’d guess, but I can’t say I know for certain. That’s why this video from Team O’Neil Rally School is…