QOTD: What Car-Related Activity Do You Enjoy During The Holidays?

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For many car enthusiasts across the country, the holidays can be a challenging time. It’s cold, the roads are salty and you don’t want your sweet ride to rust. But you can’t just cancel being a car enthusiast during this time. The love of cars lives inside all of us no matter the season.


While my garage queens may be safe in their climate-controlled garage, my other cars and motorcycles get to play in the snow. Every year my friends and I get together on the first real snowfall (usually around the start of the holiday season) and have fun drifting in parking lots and deserted country roads. No car was safe from these shenanigans as we drifted everything from Chevy Astros to old Jeep CJs. Nowadays, my Smarts get in on the sideways action. This poor clone of a Honda Helix was my ride through Christmas in 2018.

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Managing Editor Erin Marquis has fond memories of riding in a red-and-green festooned Model T as a kid at a Christmas-themed Greenfield Village at The Henry Ford museum. Fellow youth Adam Ismail says it’s customary for farms around his hometown to put up giant neon light displays for families to drive through, but the displays are, weirdly, logos for local banks and insurance companies.

So what about you? Maybe you have holiday-specific road trip games or a certain bakery you always stop at on the way to Grandma’s. Are you looking forward to having some car-related fun through the holidays? Or are you just grateful to have the extra time to go work on your project in the garage?

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Shane Morris

The legality of the next suggestion is... questionable. Anyway, I started doing this when I was in college, when my friend Adrian told me about it. It’s perfect for the holidays because every school parking lot is empty.

Step 1: Steal plastic trays from your favorite fast food establishment.

I used to think Jack in the Box had the best trays, but I’m sure you can find them wherever. The easy way to grab them is from the tray stacks next to where people dump their trash on the way out. Just wait for them to stack up, and then... take a few on your way out.

Step 2: Have a front wheel drive car without a bunch of traction control nannies.

I did this back in the early 00's, so our cars of choice were “the golden era” of Preludes, Probes, and other front wheel drive wonders. If you’re in a newer front wheel drive car, it may have some traction control features that limit your fun.

Step 3: Locate an empty parking lot.

High schools, elementary schools, and middle schools are easy during the holidays. Everyone is on break, and there are HUGE open parking lots.

Step 4: Set plastic trays behind your rear wheels, and then reverse onto them. Then, set your e-brake.

Basically, just make sure your rear wheels are locked on the trays. You’re about to slide around baby.

Step 5: Hoon!

You’ll usually burn through the trays in about 30-45 seconds, so bring a few sets. Yes, it’s crime, but it’s good crime. It’s the kind of crime that harms no one, and only costs a fast food giant like 50 cents.