These Are Your Best Winter Driving Tips

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The fine people of Jalopnik have spoken, and we have listened. You’ve given us your very best tips for driving in winter weather, and we’ve responded by compiling a list of the very best ideas you’ve given us. Throw on those snow tires and get driving!


Actually, Tires Are Good (NoTimeToulouse)

The age old snow tires vs. no snow tires debate rages on. For my husband, at least, snow tires are an essential.

Practice Makes Perfect (Phil_L)

Some solid advice for all walks of life.

Take It Slow (Fight the machine)

Your inputs, that is. No sudden movements!


Offer A Helping Hand (ninjagin)

I’m really loving this last point. I don’t necessarily know if I’m a believer in karma, but I will say that folks are always more willing to help you out of a tough spot if you’ve given them a hand in the past.


Reading The Road (factoryhack)

This is something I hadn’t thought of before. Learn the look of road conditions and be on the lookout for them any time you hit the road.


Clear That Snow (Canthook)

Watching the weather and clearing the snow before it gets frozen to the windshield is that kind of common-sense advice that I can’t imagine I never thought of before.


Stock Up On Snacks (Laurens)

I hope I’m never in the position where I need to rely on my car snacks for survival, but this is a good tip.


Assume The Worst (dolsh)

Honestly, I feel like I assume no one knows what they’re doing any time I hit the road, let alone in the winter.


Move. (2002InfinitQ45nowIronicIoniq)

I mean… you’ve got a fair point.


Some other good advice, courtesy of my Canadian in-laws:

  • The more you’re on the road, the more likely you are to get caught out by something
  • Invest in a windshield cover (or just deconstruct your Amazon delivery boxes and pop ‘em on)
  • Cars accelerate a lot better than they brake
  • Practice losing control of your car in an empty parking lot so you know what it’s like
  • Again: stop spending winters in Canada and go back to Texas for God’s sake

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Wow, Liz, what a major fail. All the other posts seemed pretty much spot-on (BTW, thanks for using my $.02 worth), except that you lead with the single most off-base post possible. Not only is James’ premise faulty (AWD with all-season tires might work up to about 2" of snow, but not past that) and possibly dangerous, but he goes on to post such garbage as:

Not many people realize that AWD cars also have all wheel steering and all wheel braking, providing an advantage over regular cars which can only use two wheels to stop or turn.”

Really, Liz? Are you so ignorant to not know that only a very tiny percentage of AWD vehicles (and SUV’s in particular) have all-wheel steering? Or that EVERY_SINGLE_VEHICLE sold in the last 75-odd years has “all wheel braking”? I mean, you can expect such idiocy from randos on the internet, but not from an automotive journalist. I’m so disgusted that I’m actually asking you to remove my commentary from your post, as long as it’s being lumped-in with such dangerous “advice” from know-nothing contributors; my credentials in mechanical engineering certainly do not support James and whatever fever-dreams he has about winter vehicle dynamics.