Video of 14-Year-Old Snow Drifting a Ford GT Directly Targets My Jealousy Gland

I had a good 14. I knew my hometown back to front, and my bike took me everywhere I needed to go. At least that’s how I remember it now. Maybe my 14 was trash. Certainly I wasn’t sliding someone else’s Ford GT around a snow-covered race track.


This is Monticello Motor Club, both in that it is the club’s track and it’s the club’s boss’ personal Ford GT, as the club’s shooter/media coordinator Christopher Szczypala told me, after I hastily DM’d him seeing the car on his IG. The driver, though, is just a student of the club’s Teen Race Camp. That is, uh, a lot of trust to put in a 14-year-old.

Never has anything been so directly targeted at my jealousy glands than to see this guy hold that GT sideways.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


For Sweden

Filthy rich kid playing in frozen water. That’s enough to play water polo at USC I think.