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This Old School Drift Legend Still Puts Your Driving to Shame

Yasuyuki Kazama has taken the highest spot in professional drifting, a champion in D1GP in Japan all the way back in 2005. Now, put him on a frozen lake and expect shenanigans. (Also, expect a clinic in car control.)


The car chasing Kazama down is none other than fellow D1 legend Yoshinori Koguchi, with English-language guide NoriYaro riding shottie.

Old fans of Kazama would be less than surprised about his doors-open drift. This person who might otherwise be mistaken for a very serious driver who competes in a very serious series is probably better known for driving his car rodeo-style, half on the door, half out of the car. He did the trick on Top Gear back in the day, if that rings a bell.

Watch NoriYaro’s full video about getting his rather standard Toyota Mark II extremely sideways on the ice for the full perspective on the event.

I can’t promise that it won’t make you want to do more dumb shit in your car.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Not gunna lie, that was super boring