It Finally Happened—Someone Replaced Car Tires With Saw Blades

If Speed Racer taught us anything, it’s that our cars can only be improved by the addition of specialized and ridiculous equipment tailored to suit very specific situations—but how many of us actually put that theory to the test? Finnish YouTube channel Behind the Press has decided to do the heavy lifting for us, by swapping the tires of a Subaru Legacy wagon for actual, literal saw blades.


I was skeptical at first. Their plan is not only to replace their tires with saw blades, but to then take the Legacy out onto a frozen lake and test it out. There’s no way this can actually work out, right?

I mean, the car does drive. It’s not fast at all because the wheels aren’t providing traction, they’re just digging into the ice. But this video has satisfied a curiosity I didn’t even know I had—namely, that I could theoretically use saw blades for wheels in the event of a terrible, horrible tire shortage.


If anyone needs me, I’ll be at the hardware store.

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Right car brand....wrong model. Should have used a FORESTER.