Dealership Salesperson Casually Punches Out The Window Of A Car Being Stolen Off The Lot

I don’t break things that cost money for giggles and I’ve never had a situation when I actually needed to punch out a car window, so I can’t tell you if it’s difficult or not. But I can tell you that a Wisconsin dealership salesperson apparently punched a window out of a car being stolen, and it’s impressive.

Police Find Stolen Ferrari With 'Vomit Caked On The Side' After Alleged Thief Began Asking For Gas Money

If you’re driving around in a stolen car and would prefer not to get caught (note: don’t do this), the best way to do that is to not attract attention. That would include not asking others for money to fill up a Ferrari 458 at the gas station, since your average Ferrari owner likely, um, wouldn’t.

Car Thief Suspect Caught Because Rattle-Canning A Rare Ford GT40 Replica Fooled Nobody

In what has to be one of the dumbest cases of car thefts I’ve ever heard of, police in Mashalltown, Iowa, caught a suspect driving a stolen Ford GT40 replica that had been painted black—likely to disguise what has to be the only example of such car in the small city of 30,000 residents. Who did this guy think he was…