Car Thief Caught When Jaguar Stolen Mid-Chase Breaks Down

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A car-stealing couple (not kink-shaming, just letting you know) from Taylorsville, Utah started by stealing a BMW, then one of them stole a Jaguar from a gas station and was soon caught after a low-speed chase where the Jaguar broke down, stranding the thief and leaving him at the mercy of the police. See, sometimes that legendary Jaguar unreliability is a good thing!


The thieves were 33-year old Brock Hansen and 23-year old Brittney Price, and they started their short, failed auto theft spree yesterday morning in a BMW, with Price driving and soon picking up Hansen, who was walking on the street.

Police officers confirmed the BMW was stolen and gave chase, eventually employing a “Stop Stick” tire deflation device on the BMW at a stoplight. The BMW eventually pulled into a gas station, where Hansen left the BMW and got into a Jaguar that was getting gas at the station. Both cars left the station.

At one point, Price attempted to join Hansen in the Jaguar, but was captured by police after a struggle that resulted in Price being tackled.

The Jag took off at, according to “relatively low speeds,” and then stopped entirely on the side of the road, where Hansen surrendered.

Based on this surveillance camera footage, the Jag looks like a 2004 or so X-TYPE sedan. So, you know, maybe think twice before carjacking one of these.

Unified Police Sgt. Melody Gray told ABC4 that

“...we learned from the owner of that Jaguar is that he’s been having some issues with that Jaguar and he believes that the Jaguar just wasn’t going to go anymore and was bogging down… so may have picked the wrong vehicle to try and run from the police in today.”


I bet the Jaguar owner had to be at least a little relieved that it wasn’t them stuck on the side of the road by their Jag this time, at least.

Ah, it’s all just so perfect.

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Lol, 2000s Jag quirkiness strikes again!  Meanwhile, my 2003 X-Type just keeps going and going and going. Full-Time AWD, 5-speed manual, that legendary Jag handling, and an old school Jag interior festooned with wood and leather and the sport seats.