Stuffing A Dirt Bike Engine In A Power Wheels Mustang Is My Kind Of 72 MPH Deathtrap

People have been stuffing bigger batteries and more powerful drivetrains into little toy cars for decades, so it’s about time someone stuffed a tiny little gas engine into it. The mad geniuses at YouTube’s Grind Hard Plumbing Co. adapted a 240-cc engine from a Honda CRF230 dirt bike to fit in a Barbie Mustang using…

I Drove A $169,000 Ford Mustang And My Favorite Part Was Everything

I was blasé about driving the Classic Recreations Ford Mustang GT500 because of its name. “Recreation” sounds like “copy”, and why bother with a knockoff when you’re spending six figures on a car? But between the look, sound, and good lord that shifter, this is easily one of the most exciting cars I’ve ever driven.