Car Stolen From Airport Parking Lot, Returned to Same Lot a Few Months Later

An airport parking lot captured by Fox 31.
An airport parking lot captured by Fox 31.
Image: Fox 31

There are a few tips and tricks you learn over years of writing, reporting and reading about car theft, such as if you’re going to take off in someone’s ride, you maybe shouldn’t steal the car in the first place if you’re going to bring it back. On that note, you maybe just shouldn’t steal cars in general.


But some people simply don’t listen to logic or reason and instead follow their heart, like yours truly when it comes to pizza. That’s what’s suspected to have happened with a strange vehicle theft at Denver International Airport recently, taking some of the attention away from the airport’s freaky horse statue with demonic red, glowing eyes.

Local news station Fox 31 reports that earlier this year, someone took off in an airport employee’s car and brought it back to the same parking lot it was stolen from five months later. Fox 31 referred to the car as a 2007 Toyota SUV owned by Natasha Gay, a woman who had a temporary job at the Avis at the time.

There’s not much concrete information on what happened, other than that Gay had the car parked in the employee lot when it was stolen and that she wants the apparent theft to be investigated further now that the car is back. Gay said she was only at work for three and a half hours when the apparent theft took place, and Fox 31 reports that Denver Police are investigating the incident.

Here’s more from Fox 31’s investigative branch, which it calls Problem Solvers:

Gay’s 2007 Toyota SUV was stolen from the Avis employee parking lot in late July. [...]

“I was definitely panicking at that moment because I was really just wondering what happened.”

Then on Thursday morning, almost five months later, a call came saying her car had been returned to the same parking lot.

Gay told the Problem Solvers, “I was just surprised and wondering if a car I had stolen ... why would they return it to the parking lot 4-and-a-half months later? It was just very off to me.”

Fox 31 reports that it’s been so long since the theft, insurance already paid off the loan that was on the car. Gay told Fox 31 she’d come to peace with the loss of her car and had been taking the train to work since, but that the return has her asking more questions about it all. From the story:

“It just made me want to contact the Problem Solvers and I had to try and push a little harder,” she said.

She wants to know if cameras caught video of the thieves.

She can no longer get her old car back.

But answers regarding its mysterious disappearance will do for now.

The Problem Solvers have reached out to Avis asking if the cameras were recording the day Gay’s car was stolen.


We’ve seen people steal cars and bring them back before, but no matter how many times it happens, it never gets any less weird. Did their conscience hit them? Did they take it for a test drive and realize that it isn’t the car for them? Do they simply enjoy the thrill of it all but not want to inconvenience the car owner forever, like some kind of illegal game with big consequences? In this particular case, did the glowing red horse eyes act as a bad omen?

We may never know.

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was there another truck with the same description nearby? did someone drive home the wrong truck? then realize it months later? I had an old chevy that you could start with another chevy key. not everyone has situational awareness, to them if it’s red it’s the right car...