Car Thieves Love to Strike on Halloween

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When you’re a kid, Halloween is about throwing off that winter coat your mother insists you wear over your costume and getting as much candy as possible. Halloween as an adult generally means getting drunk and spending Nov. 1 trying to remember where you left your car. Be especially mindful about that last bit because Halloween is apparently one of car thieves’ favorite holidays.

Over the course of 11 holidays last year, 22,770 cars were reported stolen, according to a study conducted by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, a nonprofit group of insurance companies that keeps an eye on this sort of thing.


Compared to the daily average number of vehicles stolen in 2017 (2,228), New Year’s Day saw the highest number of thefts at 2,469 cars. Following that was President’s Day at 2,312 cars and then Halloween, at 2,297 cars. Funny enough, Christmas and Thanksgiving ranked the lowest. I guess even criminals take a break for the holidays.

This is actually an improvement for Halloween, as the company notes:

Halloween, the number one holiday for vehicle thefts in the last report, falls to number three in today’s report. An improvement, but witches will certainly trade their brooms for nice cars if we leave them vulnerable. NICB reminds drivers to be vigilant and to secure their cars at all times when unattended.

I don’t know man, if I were offered a Firebolt or a Kia, I think I’d take the Firebolt.

But the NICB isn’t wrong here: Lock your cars up! Take the keys with you! If you can, park in a secure location. Or, if you’re really worried, call a cab or ask a friend or family member to drive you. Getting your car stolen sucks, and it’s even worse if it happens on Halloween.


via Car and Driver