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Dealership Salesperson Casually Punches Out The Window Of A Car Being Stolen Off The Lot

Gif: TMJ4

I don’t break things that cost money for giggles and I’ve never had a situation when I actually needed to punch out a car window, so I can’t tell you if it’s difficult or not. But I can tell you that a Wisconsin dealership salesperson apparently punched a window out of a car being stolen, and it’s impressive.


Milwaukee news station TMJ4 reports that a couple was looking at a 2010 GMC Terrain at a local dealership when a minivan pulled up beside it, the passenger hopping out and driving off in the Terrain. But the salesperson showing the couple the SUV, Vicente Hernandez, didn’t just stare in shock as the car was stolen. He punched the window out, bare handed, trying to stop the theft.

Here’s the video of the one-sided fist fight, from TMJ4:


Hernandez told the station he had to try to stop the theft because he “couldn’t see [himself] walking back into the business saying that someone stole the car” without trying to do anything about it. After he punched out the window, he said he hung onto the door handle while the person stealing the car drove off.

He then got in another car and tried to chase the driver, Hernandez told TMJ4:

“He almost hit a family on Lincoln street so I ended the pursuit there,” said Hernandez.

He’ll take the bruised fist, but if he had to do it again Hernandez wishes he would have called police instead of chased the driver. [...]

Hernandez said he saw one of the suspects come back again Wednesday morning. The dealership is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest.

Going on your own car chases isn’t the best idea, but hey, props to Hernandez for sacrificing his fist in the name of protecting his job’s inventory from a theft. That’s an employee-of-the-month type of move right there.

Otherwise, car punching isn’t advised.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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Hayden Lorell

One question... Why? Even if its your personal car...why? I understand even if its your baby you don’t want this to happen but it’s not that uncommon for it to escalate from car theft/jacking to straight up manslaughter. Just let the dumb fuck take it. It will eventually come back to bite them and most are insured so you’re gonna see yourself whole again one way or the other.