Tennessee Man Arrested For Trying To Sell A Stolen BMW i8 On Craigslist

2016 BMW I8
2016 BMW I8
Photo: BMW

If I were a car thief, which I’m not, I wouldn’t sell my stolen goods on Craigslist. And yet, a guy from Memphis was arrested on Monday for doing just that, according to police. The car in question? A BMW i8, offered for the low price of $87,000.


Marqueze Blackwell allegedly listed the exquisite ride, which eventually caught the interest of the Tennessee Highway Patrol. As WREG-TV reports, authorities believed the car was stolen.

So the Tennessee Highway Patrol made contact with Blackwell, and things went exactly as you’re expecting them to have gone. Per WREG:

During a meet on Poplar Avenue, authorities noted the VIN number appeared to be fake and took the seller, identified as Marqueze Blackwell, into custody. A separate VIN number under the seat revealed the car was in fact stolen out of Orlando back in March.

Blackwell was charged with theft of property and the altering of a motor vehicle serial number.


Fox 13 in Memphis says Blackwell was arraigned Tuesday. No word yet on if the car had been returned to its rightful owner.

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