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From some people trying to steal utility poles by latching them to the hood of an SUV to others getting DUIs while riding horses, Florida crime is something most of us will never understand—except for the cows, it seems. The cows have this down so well that they actually helped police catch someone in a car chase.


(Don’t expect a bunch of cow puns here, because other news outlets have been yakking away with those for hours.)

Aside from the fact that even Florida outlets have a “strange Florida” news tag because the state has such odd crime, the story of the day out of everyone’s favorite place is about a car chase ended by a group of cows.


Orlando news station WKMG reports that police in Sanford, Florida saw a stolen Subaru on Monday and tried to pull it over. That didn’t work, and a police report cited by WKMG said the driver ran a stop sign trying to get away before crashing into a ditch. The police report listed three people in the car, saying the driver, Jamie Young, ran in one direction while a passenger, Jennifer Kaufman, ran in another. The third passenger stayed in the car, according to the report cited.

The report said the K-9 unit helped catch Young, 46, hiding in some bushes. But Kaufman was still running when she ran right into a group of cows, which then proceeded to run after her. Police not only used the cow herd as a visual to track Kaufman from a helicopter, but the cows also pushed her toward the edge of the field and right into the authorities’ hands.


Here’s the almost unreal helicopter footage, posted by WKMG via the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department:


The landowner, Richard Kondracki, told WKMG he’s never had a problem with his cows acting aggressively in the decades he’s lived there. But, he said, he’s also never had a random person running across his fields. From the story:

“I think they didn’t realize who they were,” he said. “They panicked. The cows were nervous. That would make me panic — if all those big cows come running at you. They didn’t know them. They don’t know if they’re there to hurt them, or steal one of the babies.”


Online records show that the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department arrested all three people from the scene—Young, Kaufman and the person who stayed in the car, identified as Erin Thomas—on drug charges, petit theft, possession of cocaine, resisting an officer and trespassing. Young was also charged with theft of a motor vehicle, giving false identification, and driving with a suspended or revoked license, and Thomas was also charged with giving false identification.

The cows, on the other hand, did all of their own charging—after Kaufman.

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