Here's Another Video of a Kitten Being Rescued From a Car to Remind You the World Isn't All Bad

The one big downside of cars—other than that they crash, they sometimes rust and that the good ones are slowly getting phased out by people who want gears to shift themselves and by crossover demand—is that sometimes, small animals crawl into them and can’t get out without help. This kitten got that help.

Florida Man Tells Cops He Wasn't Drinking And Driving Because He Only Drank Bourbon While Stopped

Sometimes, you have to wonder if people in Florida want to keep the “Florida man” joke alive, thus continually passing the baton on depicting caricatures of human stupidity. A new Florida man, when stopped by cops recently, claimed he wasn’t drinking and driving because he only drank bourbon while stopped.

Florida Lawmaker Wants To Charge Theft Victims With A Misdemeanor If Their Cars Were Left Running

Leaving an unattended car running is almost like painting a giant bullseye with “THEFT” in the middle on it, but it’s a conscious choice that people can freely make—for now, at least. A Florida state representative wants to charge theft victims with a crime if their cars are left running with the keys in them.