How To Get A Topless Mazda Miata To The Arctic Circle Without Freezing

The Mazda Miata turned 25 this year. And instead of taking it to the beach for a relaxing vacation, the guys at Zoom Zoom Mag took an NA Miata to the Arctic Circle with the top down. They did not freeze their balls off. This is how. » 4/21/14 2:20pm Monday 2:20pm

Behind The Scenes Of Mazda's Miata-gasm At The New York Auto Show

The Miata is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. And to really get the party started, Mazda dug some of their most impressive and significant Miatas out of storage and brought them to the show floor to create the finest display of Miatas ever assembled. » 4/18/14 4:00pm 4/18/14 4:00pm

The Only Part Of The 220-Lb Lighter 2016 Mazda Miata You Need To See

The Mazda Miata has never been a heavyweight. No sir. It's actually been one of the lightest and liveliest little bachelor's sports mobiles around. But the next gen car is going on a crash diet and has lost 220 pounds, or basically the weight of a Miata. » 4/16/14 8:41am 4/16/14 8:41am

The Mazda MX-04 Concept Would Have Been A Very Strange Miata

Spurred on by an idea that came from an American automotive journalist, Mazda spent the better part of the 1980s trying to cook up the perfect revival of the classic British roadster, the MX-5 Miata. But that road had a few interesting detours along the way. » 2/14/14 6:00pm 2/14/14 6:00pm

The Miata was nearly a front-wheel-drive disaster

Seriously. When Mazda was developing what would become the best-selling sports car in history, the proposals included the rear-wheel drive roadster we all know and love (above and below right), a mid-engine MR2 knock off (below middle), and a front-wheel drive disaster (below left). Mazda made the right call, and the… » 2/11/14 4:46pm 2/11/14 4:46pm

You May Get Weepy Over Mazda's 25th Birthday Tribute To The Miata

Twenty-five years ago today, Mazda gifted the world with the most important contribution to human progress since fire was invented: the MX-5 Miata. To celebrate this monumental occasion, they launched a new website with a video that will make you feel all the feels. » 2/10/14 10:45am 2/10/14 10:45am