PETA Is Pissed At Google For Making A Camel Do A Jeep's Job

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are so very cross with Google for strapping one of their 360° back-packable camera rigs to the back of a camel to get Streetview imagery of Abu Dahbi's Liwa Desert. They think they should have used jeeps or dune buggies. Oh, PETA. » 10/13/14 5:45pm 10/13/14 5:45pm

Google Has A Street View Camel

In an effort to get "more authentic" Street View images of Abu Dahbi's Liwa Desert (and these great press photos) Google strapped their Trekker camera to a 10-year-old camel named Raffia and trotted it over a few sand dunes. » 10/10/14 12:17pm 10/10/14 12:17pm

Google Street View Captures Skin-Searing Motorcycle Crash Frame-By-Frame

Some underdressed joker wiped out on his bike right in front of a Google Street View camera car cruising the streets of Blumenau, Brazil. So we get to relive his spill like a flip-book while getting directions down Rua 7 de Setembro. » 9/02/14 12:36pm 9/02/14 12:36pm

Google Street View Captures Crime From Start To Finish

Last year, Serbian police caught two electrical engineering students preparing to rob a jewelry store. Amazingly, the whole chase and capture was recorded by Google Street View. » 7/28/14 1:05pm 7/28/14 1:05pm

Google Street View Cars Find Hundreds of Gas Leaks in Cities

If you live in an old city surrounded by history, chances are you also live with hundreds if not thousands of gas leaks all around you. It's bad for you (think explosions) and bad for the environment (think global warming), so we should probably do something about it. That's why Google Street View and the… » 7/16/14 1:53pm 7/16/14 1:53pm

Car Mechanics Stage Prank Murder On Google Streetview

In quite possibly the best prank to ever hit this new digitized map world, a Scottish mechanic and his buddies staged a fake murder on Google Street View. It took longer than you might think for people to figure out what they'd done. » 6/04/14 9:42am 6/04/14 9:42am

Visit The Ducati Museum On Google Street View

Not content to let those cagers over at the Lamborghini Museum have all the fun, the people at the Ducati Museum in Bologna, Italy have decided to get in on the Google Street View tourism game. » 2/21/14 11:00am 2/21/14 11:00am

Play With This Street View-Style 3D Camera On The New Mercedes F1 Car

What happens when you put a Google Street View camera on a Prius? Mostly just shots of the plain world around us, sometimes punctuated by extreme badasses and ravines. Put it on the new Mercedes F1 car and you can see what Lewis Hamilton sees. » 2/19/14 10:20am 2/19/14 10:20am

Insane Seattle Bus Crash Captured On Google Street View

Google Street View: Is there anything it can't do? If it's not taking us inside Doctor Who's TARDIS or various automotive museums, it's catching the immediate aftermath of breathtaking charter bus accidents in Seattle. » 12/09/13 3:40pm 12/09/13 3:40pm

Google Street View Goes To Honda Museum, Makes World Travel Obsolete

Google is aiming to make a lot of things obsolete. Add traveling to that list. After giving us a tour of the Lamborghini Museum, Google has now gone into the Honda Museum. Look at all those Beats! » 10/14/13 10:34am 10/14/13 10:34am

Tour The Lamborghini Museum On Google Street View, Climb Into A Miura!

The great people behind Google Street View took a break from Doctor Who easter eggs and went to Sant'Agata Bolognese to record an indoor view of the Lamborghini Museum. The best thing? You can sit in/look around the Miura SV, the Countach LP400, the LM002, the Diablo race car, the Reventon and the Sesto Elemento. » 10/09/13 12:10pm 10/09/13 12:10pm

Google Street View Driver Rams 2 Buses, 1 Truck in Failed Hit-and-Run

It's not a good year to be a Google Street View driver—or rather, in this case, to be anywhere in the vicinity of one. In Bogor, Indonesia, one ill-fated Google Street View car got itself into a bit of trouble when the driver's failed attempt at a hit-and-run involved him ramming into two large public busses and a… » 9/13/13 11:10am 9/13/13 11:10am

Google Street View Car Captures Me Capturing Google Street View Car

Last fall, I walked out of the door of my then apartment in Jersey City, NJ, probably to get coffee or something. That's when I spotted something. A Subaru Impreza with a camera on top. It was the Google car. I had to be near it. » 8/21/13 11:55am 8/21/13 11:55am

Here's The Most Disturbing Thing You'll Ever See On Google Maps

There's a lot of weird shit on Google Street View. So much weird shit that we no longer even bat an eye when something happens. But when a man stands under a clown's head and moons a police van as a Google car drives by, well, you have our attention. » 8/14/13 12:00pm 8/14/13 12:00pm

Google Street View's Greatest, Weirdest Hits

Google Street View has something of a history for catching us in our more—uh, delicate states. And our more defecatory states. And our more dead states. While the latter is mostly just depressing, the rest are almost always delightful. And luckily for us, Captain-Obviouss has kindly prompted his fellow Redditors to… » 7/12/13 1:50pm 7/12/13 1:50pm

Japan's abandoned Battleship Island is now on Google Street View

Located off the coast of Nagasaki, the long-abandoned Hashima Island (also known as "Gunkanjima" or "Battleship Island") was the inspiration for Raoul Silva's lair in Skyfall. Now, thanks to Google Maps, you can visit the island on Street View. » 6/29/13 2:44pm 6/29/13 2:44pm

This Is How Japan Trolls Google Street View

Google Street View trolling is not new. People around the world love pulling hijinks when they see the Google Street View apparatus rolling down the street. Folks in Japan did some truly epic trolling. » 6/25/13 11:23am 6/25/13 11:23am