Google Street View Car Captures Me Capturing Google Street View Car

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Last fall, I walked out of the door of my then apartment in Jersey City, NJ, probably to get coffee or something. That's when I spotted something. A Subaru Impreza with a camera on top. It was the Google car. I had to be near it.

It's not everyday that you see the Google Car in your neighborhood, plus, if you didn't know, I write about cars for a living. This was directly in my interests.

So I ran out of the door, held up my phone (did you know they have cameras on phones now? What a country!), and snapped a quick pic. Then I waited for the internet to publish my crowning achievement.


And I waited. And I waited. And then I figured they must have decided not to use my picture. Perhaps Google didn't want to publish a picture of someone who was genuinely interested in the car, but would rather publish a man's bare ass? Perhaps I just looked too handsome?

Then we had our AMA with a Street View driver, and I found out Google takes a long time to put the pictures up. Like six months to a year. So I decided to check again this morning.


And guess what? There I was, in all my goofy-ass glory. I don't want to say this is the greatest achievement of my life, but this is the greatest achievement of my life.


So that's it. I can die happy now.