Here's The Most Disturbing Thing You'll Ever See On Google Maps

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There's a lot of weird shit on Google Street View. So much weird shit that we no longer even bat an eye when something happens. But when a man stands under a clown's head and moons a police van as a Google car drives by, well, you have our attention.

This image comes to us courtesy of a reader named Alvaro, who found this while he was searching Google Maps. This is on Rockaway Beach Boulevard in the Rockaways, outside Manhattan.

At first glance, you have a man mooning the Google car, but there is so much more here that it necessitates a deeper, more sociological analysis of what's actually happening in the world at this time.

The Rockaways were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. Dozens of homes burnt to the ground in a massive fire at Breezy Point and it still isn't back to normal. A look behind the man in question will show you the enormity of the destruction.

So, I have five theories as to the purpose and intent of his mooning. My first is that he's giving a subtle "FU" to the rubble, showing that he will come out above it as will the Rockaways. My second is that he's mooning the cop car, as he's misdirected his anger towards the police for the destruction that has come upon his town, when in reality he should be mooning mother nature.

The third is that he had to take a leak and he never liked "The Fecund Clown," a vintage and thrift store, anyway. The fourth is that he just wanted to look cool, which would have helped if he read our advice on the topic.

But then there's the fifth, and probably correct, theory: He saw a Google car and was waiting for someone to stumble upon this piece of internet gold.

Which is what Alvaro did. In fact, I'm almost starting to think that some of these people are Google plants, Googlers that have to stand out there to make maps somewhat entertaining and fun to look at. I bet that's a thing they do there, because they seem fun. It's basically happened before.

Googlers: Let us know if I'm right in the comments.

(Hat Tip to Alvaro!)