Illustration for article titled Google Street View Car Captures Google Street View Bike Captures Google Street View Car

"Oh, um... hey, Google Maps Car."

"Uh, hey, Google Maps Tricycle."

"...I can see you."

"Yeah, I can see you too."

"Like, right now. I can see you. It will be on Google Maps later."

"I know that. It's what I do."

"It's what I do too, okay?"



"This is a lot more awkward than I thought it would be."


"Hey, wait a minute... you don't think this will, I don't know, make the universe collapse on itself or something, do you? Like me capturing you capturing me capturing you will create some kind of paradox that will unravel the time/space continuum, or something like that?"





Photos credit Google Maps via Google Street View World

Hat tip to Mark!


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