If you see a Google Street View car, you can get a bit more creative than just showing them your butt.

10.) Posting It

That's one way to hide a car from Google.

Suggested By: Stig-a-saw-us-wrecks

9.) Making Love

Lots of empty roads in Australia...

Suggested By: themanwithsauce

8.) Taking Out The Laundry

Better not ask any questions or that body ends up in the Google car's trunk.

Suggested By: MoparKetchup

7.) Pigeon Bombing

This is how Japan trolls the Street View car. These students were having fun in west Tokyo. Creepy.

Suggested By: macanamera

6.) The Open Top Experience

Do I want to know how this guy ended up naked in his trunk? No, thanks.

Suggested By: macanamera, Photo Credit: Gizmodo via Google

5.) Aquamen

Well, if it isn't a pair of Norwegian scuba divers chasing the Google car with pitchforks!

Good times in Bergen.

Suggested By: themanwithsauce

4.) Fiat Parking Only

That doesn't look like a Beetle to us!

Suggested By: Brian, The Life of

3.) Murder Mile

Google drivers often report that they see dead people everywhere in Scotland. Must be a few Highlanders...

Suggested By: Raphael Orlove

2.) Sampsonia Way

The people of Pittsburgh really know how to throw a parade.

Ben Kinsley and Robin Hewlett staged a marching band, a sword fight, mad scientists (no longer there), and a marathon.

Suggested By: willkinton247

1.) Some Say He Is Everywhere

Stig hunting remains the best game Google Street View can offer.

Suggested By: Diesel

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