Good Dog's Great Day Immortalized By Google Street View

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This pup, which appears to be a Shiba Inu (“Doge dog”), was having a pretty regular day hanging out by the boats when a Google Street View car rolled by and absolutely positively had to be chased. The resulting screenshots are pretty excellent.

If you’re looking at Google Maps and drop into Street View mode on this little dead-end alley in the Kagoshima prefecture, you can watch this dog’s big exciting 15 minutes of fame play out from the moment it spots the Google car to an exciting pursuit leading to the end of the road.

Looking at the dog’s face, at least when it’s not pixelated out, it looks like it’s having the best dang day of its life.


Clearly, I’m not the first person to discover this as it’s already popped up on Twitter and been entered by Google as “わんこ猛追 🚗🐕💨” but I’ll take any excuse to write a dog blog.


Hat tip to Paulo!